The Thursday Night Jazz Salon Stream!

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Normally, we broadcast a live stream of each Thursday Night Jazz Salon live performance. Because we are temporarily unable to perform live, each upcoming Thursday evening we will stream the “Best Of Past Jazz Salon Concerts”, instead of a live stream.


The Video Stream Screens

The video stream screens are near the bottom of this page. To move down the page, use the scroll bar at the far right, or just click HERE, and you will automatically scroll down the page to where the video stream screens are.


How The Video Streams Work

Each Thursday at 6:45 PM, a new stream will be posted directly above the stream from the week before, in case you haven’t watched the previous stream yet.

“The Best of the Thursday Night Jazz Salon” stream started on 3/19/20 with a concert featuring the wonderful singer, Denise Thimes. That stream is still available to watch. 

This Thursday’s, 3/26/20, stream features “Queen B”, the great Barbara Morrison, with Rickey Woodard and a great band!


Please Provide Comments

At the very bottom of this page, there is a form for your comments. I’m hoping that viewers will be able to communicate with each other, by seeing each other’s comments on the site. Please give it a try, so at least I know someone is watching the stream!


How To Help Our Artists

In order to help our artists weather the halt to their gig income, we ask you to donate a minimum of $10 to view the stream each week. All money donated will go to the artists.

Everyone is on the honor system! Donate if you can, but if you cannot afford the $10, please watch the video anyway, guilt free. I think that’s what the artists would want.


4 Ways To Donate:

1. Simply click on the blue button below. A window will open with the donation form for your credit card. All the information is safely encrypted, and none is saved, or shared.

2. If you prefer, use PayPal, instead. You don’t need a PayPal account, and you can use credit cards. Click the yellow  “Donate” button in the right hand column, right here. →

3. Or Venmo (@DaveRossJazz).

4. Another way to support our artists is to provide a small monthly donation by clicking on:


To Betty Hoover and the “A Framers”…

We dedicate the stream of “The Best of the Thursday Night Jazz Salon” to Betty Hoover, who presented 17 years of great jazz in her home, and to the jazz family of over 1,000 devoted “A Framers”!


The Video Stream Window (finally!)

After 6:45 PM on March 26, click on the “Play” button in the video window below to view the new Barbara Morrison concert stream. You also are welcome to enjoy last week’s Denise Thimes concert directly below it!

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Patrick Collins

As a longtime fan and follower of Dave Ross’ LA Athletic Club Jazz Salons, I’ve made two contributions to the Jazz Salon recorded sessions but only with the patient help of Dave who knows that his audience has a high percentage of Digital Immigrants like me. If you find real or imagined obstacles with the site, contact Dave. He will see that you get connected to what is an enormous labor of love. The cause is good and you will be rewarded for your personal and financial contribution.

Joan Hardie

How do you donate. People may want to contribute but don’t know how.

Debbie Bachtell

so great – thanks for sharing this, Dave.

Harlan Lebo

Hi Dave. Great to hear your stream! I would love to donate, but is there any way to do it with Paypal? Cheers, Harlan